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Welcome to Medical Technology Research, where we are Making Health Care Bettertm

The cost of delivering medical services seems to be spiraling out of control. And now, more than ever, people are focused on errors and inaccuracies that have plagued the medical industry. MTRC focuses on two classes of clients to improve the use of technology in medicine. One of our focuses is with the medical technology developer.  MTRC takes its decades of experience in technology and clinical experience and combines that to improve the products being developed for the medical market. The other focus is with the end users of the medical products. MTRC uses its intimate product knowledge and relationships with these manufacturers to help the clinical user obtain the most out of their technology investments. Take a look at our services and see how Medical Technology Research can work with you to help improve your products and help those in industry adopt their use.

Wireless is Freedom and Productivity

Today, the practice, clinic, and hospital must have all the latest connectivity and electronic equipment to remain competitive.  Everyone from office staff to doctors, nurses, and clinicians must have secure real-time access to information, patient records, drug databases, and other things at all times.

Practitioners and their staff need everything from telemetry systems, wireless local-area networks (WLANs) to wide-area enabled cell phones and Blackberries.

If your wireless technologies don't appear to be delivering what you expect, contact us to provide you with a site and spectral analysis. We'll be able to tell you what is operating in each of the various radio bands within your facility. There are many products available today to help you manage your bandwidth and increase your wireless reliability as well as your security.

In addition to a reliable technology infrastructure, there are a number of security best practices and products available today that enable you to secure your information and infrastructure. Together, we can combine our expertise in the technologies and best practices and your knowledge of your service delivery model to provide you with the right balance of security and accessibility.

Consulting and Contract Development

For the Clinician and Practice

Working for you and/or your partners, let Medical Technology Research help you with making your technology solution work best for you. We can do everything from creating new software and systems to your specifications to helping you change, integrate, and enhance your existing systems and software.

Take advantage of our partnerships and contracts with major industry players such as Cisco, Dell, HP, Microsoft, Philips Medical Systems, and others.

For the Manufacturer

Combining MTRC's personal experience with the end users and deep experience designing patient monitoring systems, cardiology systems, and electronic medical records systems provides the manufacturer with the ability to improve a products usability and reliability. These in turn increase product appeal to the market.

MTRC has extensive expertise in developing FDA 510(k) approved products. We accel at developing wireless products as well as having the ability to reduce their complexity while increasing their ease-of-use.

Whatever your needs, contact us for a free consultation. You have a lot to lose by not doing your homework.