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Medical Technology Research provides custom engineering, consulting, and contract software services for companies developing products for the medical market and for end users who are trying to find solutions for their computing and network needs.

We have decades of computing and network development experience and have developed and implemented products for major industry leaders. We have a thorough understanding of many products on the market today. Give us a call. Initial consultations are free. In the event that we lack expertise in any area, we'll tell you. If you wish, we can help locate someone with the right experience.

OEM and Contract Development


Medical Technology Research offers requirements analysis, use-case modeling, project planning, product design, implementation, testing, and deployment. We have extensive experience developing embedded solutions and Windows .NET applications. We develop in most any language including assembler, C#, C/C++, and JAVA in order to meet the clients needs.

Medical Technology Research is also a Microsoft partner and supports development in the Windows CE and .NET environments. We can deliver everything from cutting-edge mobile applications to traditional stand-alone or N-tier solutions. We can make your applications web-based, web-accessible, or just plain-old locally hosted with a GUI or command line interface. The choice is yours!

Our hardware experience covers a broad range of processors, micro-controllers, and DSP devices from vendors including TI, Silicon Laboratories, MicroChip, FreeScale, Motorola, and many others. We can handle everything from your analog hardware and radio designs right up to and including the embedded software and end user application.

Medical Technology Research is experienced in developing telemetry systems, cardiac analysis systems, ambulatory physiology sensors, as well as handheld medical records and other portable devices.

Clinical Contracting


Let Medical Technology Research help you with your clinical systems, IT infrastructure, networking, and wireless needs. We can help you select, deploy, and troubleshoot your computing and networking needs.

  • We help you accurately determine what your needs are from a technical and cost perspective.
  • We work with you to formulate an implementation plan so that you acquire and implement the equipment and software you need only when you need it.
  • We help you ensure that your disaster plans, security plans, and daily operations meet your needs now and in the future.

Since we have worked with a number of the manufacturers, we have intimate knowledge of their product offerings and inner workings. We are in a unique position that enables us to cost-effectively make changes and tune equipment and software deployments to fit your precise needs.

Whatever your needs, contact us and have us prepare a project proposal for you today.