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About Medical Technology Research

Our Mission

Medical Technology Research is dedicated to bringing the latest computer-related electronics, networking, wireless products, and software together for the medical field to improve the accuracy, increase the efficiency, and reduce the costs and errors associated with providing medical care and services.

Company Profile

Medical Technology Research was founded in 1995 and incorporated in 1998. We are a consulting firm, contract developer, and systems integrator.

From our headquarters in southern New Hampshire we offer services that range from new product research, to engineering, strategic planning, product development, and clinical deployment. The company focuses on two classes of clients. One client class is the medical device/medical software manufacturer. For this class of client, Medical Technology Research provides contract engineering and OEM development and brings practical clinical experience to the manufacturer. The second class of client is the clinical user. For this class of client, Medical Technology Research brings the ability to help the client deploy, use, and optionally customize products produced by various other medical technology companies in order to obtain the maximum benefit from the product or solution.

At Medical Technology Research we understand that no single solution fits everyone's needs and we tailor each solution to the individual client and budget.

What Are We Doing?

Medical Technology Research was founded to seek out and develop new technology that would benefit businesses with special attention being paid to the medical industry.

Drawing on our expert knowledge and experience acquired through years of product design and development, Medical Technology Research also aids its clinical clients in the planning, selection, implementation, and ongoing support of systems and procedures that will help today's medical practices deliver better, faster, and most importantly, more reliable services to customers.

Medical Technology Research provides solutions that are tailored to fit a specific clients' needs by working with the client to evaluate their unique requirements. We continually work with our client to select and deploy a cost-effective system using state-of-the-art equipment and software that best meets their specific needs.

Each solution provided by Medical Technology Research offers only what your business requires-no more, no less. The amount of involvement you desire from Medical Technology Research is determined by you, the client. If you have staff with good technology skills and loads of experience we can step back into a consulting role and provide guidance and project management while you let your organization do the heavy work. Or, if you need more help, we can take care of every detail from planning to implementation and finally deployment. Whatever the situation, Medical Technology Research makes every effort to accommodate its clients.